​DTR home repairs & Improvements, LLC  

If you are looking for honest, meticulous, and dependable craftsmanship in any category of a vast range of job types, than look no further. I am the man that can do it all!    

why dtr was created


I formed DTR Home Repairs & Improvements because I saw a gaping hole in the industry. It seemed as if honest, meticulous, and dependable craftsmanship had become much too diminished in this day and age. I had always been known as a first class handy man by my family and friends, so I decided to move forward in an attempt to fulfill these rightful, but neglected needs. 

A main problem I have seen, and that my friends always seem to mention is the lack of dependability in the industry. It seems as though many home improvement companies become too busy and prioritize the customers’ schedules second to their own. DTR Home Repairs & Improvements recognizes this problem and was initiated with the firm value that the needs of the customer are always the first priority.

Honesty and pricing also seemed to be an enormous problem in today’s industry. Friends and family have related their stories in which they felt that had been ripped off, cheated, or even lied to by other repairmen. In addition, many people seemed to have issues where their repairs or improvements would falter much too soon after the work had been completed. These stories were incredibly disheartening to me. At DTR Home Repairs & Improvements I attempt to make a change by providing hard, meticulous, and honest work at the fairest price possible. 

At DTR Home Repairs & Improvements I provide over 35 years experience in superior workmanship at affordable prices. I focus on completing a job correctly the first time. Since I do it right the first time, much of my business is fulfilled with repeat or referred customers. Please check the reviews in order to see what some of these customers have to say! 

One Man That
Can Do It ALL!